Solace (Plumb)

Today has been one of those days…you know…nothing is as it should be inside.

When you feel like something is missing or something went wrong somewhere.

It’s the opposite of happy, opposite of fine.

But it will end, and tomorrow will be a new day.

A lot is wrong around me and I feel lost. I’ve lost my bearing, I don’t know where I am.

I have a tough choice to make that I don’t know how I’ll go through with.

Someone told me something I didn’t like about myself, and I didn’t really realise it and now I have to face it on a day when I feel like going under the covers and sleeping all day long, with the world of dreams to explore.

And someone hurt me without intending to and it’s my fault because I let it happen. I opened up my heart after a very long time and I got hurt.

I’m tempted to close it up again…but should I? It’s more work to keep opening it and closing it so I guess I’ll just leave it open.

So this is how I feel.


Tick tock inside

Tossing, turning, I feel blind

Sun is up, the rain pours in

Another day of no end

Grab it, kick it, smash it

Love it, loathe it, yeah, yeah

Hold it, throw it, crave it

Searching for my solace

– Plumb


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