Beauty Of Grace (Krystal Meyers)

Bad news: I imported my blog to another blogging forum (which I will not name to protect their integrity, though I owe them no loyalties) and the site crashed! Together with my five or so new posts! I am so crushed!

The worst part about it is that I used to host my blog there a few years ago and the same thing happened. Why did I not learn? I decided to give it another chance since it had been re-branded and was looking more professional and more “stable” (yeah, right)

So now am back to square one. But not again; twice bitten, thrice shy.


The thing about grace is that it’s undeserved. I know I totally jumped to a new topic like with no warning, he he.

I was reading a book called All She Ever Wanted, it’s about three generations of women and the mistakes they made in their individual lives, showing how these affected their descendants.

It’s so sad that our actions are like ripples in a lake, each reverberates and affects everything or everyone in its reach.

These women, starting with the grandmother, made some grand mistakes which later affected their children and their children’s children in tremendous ways.

What struck me though, is the first woman, who used to be a good girl, church-going, naive.

She made one mistake; she got involved with a married man, she couldn’t get out and consequently bore two illegitimate children with him.

The sad thing about her story is that she totally estranged herself from God, never believing that he could forgive her after all her sin that had spanned many years. Her whole life she never entered a church because she felt so guilty and sinful.

She only reconciled with God when she was about to die.

This got me thinking: a whole life away from God just because of sin?

I mean, isn’t that why Jesus suffered? To take it all away from us and lighten the burden?

I know why it’s hard to accept grace.

We think we have to work for everything we get: food, clothing, shelter, love, acceptance, recognition…

so when we hear that grace is free, we think “Huh? What’s the catch?”

Well, the catch is to believe and accept.

That’s it.

In a world where nothing is free, everything has strings attached, wouldn’t it be wonderful to get the greatest gift ever, for free? I mean, there’s a catch, but don’t you think it’s such a small price to pay for a life of contentment, love and an assurance of eternity in Heaven?

I do. 🙂

But anywhere you are is never too far away
There’s freedom from your scars, the mistakes that you made
The memories erased
Baby, that’s the beauty of grace

-Krystal Meyers


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