O’Child (Nevertheless)

I’m still amazed at how much we really never get to fully understand ourselves. Or know everything about ourselves…what makes us tick, what makes us happy, sad, angry…

It’s a constant learning process.

In my church, we have been learning about discovering our passion…which leads to knowing God’s vision and purpose for us. The funny thing is, I realized I have so many passions! So many things make me mad! I won’t even go into it because I will never finish 🙂

So I started wondering, how can I have all those visions and purposes? So of course I went to the source, God, and asked Him to reveal my passions to me.

I’m not sure I am liking what I see… 😦

Well, for one, one of my greatest passions is music (no surprises there). A song can take me through a myriad of emotions, thoughts and feelings in it’s short span or 4 or so minutes.

The scary one I think (not quite sure yet) I discovered is that I have a passion for the lost; people who don’t know Christ, people who walk around suffering and hurting so much yet they don’t know that there is such an easy solution…God, who loves them so much more than they could ever think, dream or imagine, and who actually wants them, cares for them, wants to know them as they are. (I’m even getting a little emotional as I write this)

Of course my first instinct when I sort of (not sure yet) discovered this was to run…and fast! My first reaction was instant denial because I don’t see myself as this person who cares so much about such issues. But the pastor spoke about the two kinds of people: runners and activists.

Runnners, on discovering their passion, seek to run away from it (that’s me 😦 )

Activists, on the other hand, jump right in to it without thinking and seek to change the world immediately (not me)

So as I discover whether this truly is my passion and allow God to incubate it and let it grow, I will pray as never before.

And as for the lost, God just wants your love.

It is costly, I know, but it’s more than worth it.

Trust me, I know.

I want to come closer
But you are so distant
Lately your thoughts are so far
And I want to show you all that you’re missing
I’ll meet you right where you are

Oh love, I’ve always known you
Oh love, you’ve always been mine
Oh love, I’m only asking you for your life
Oh love, I’ve always known you
Oh love, you’ve always been mine
Oh child, I’m only asking you for your life



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