Perspectives (Kutless)

So I’ve been pondering, thinking, speculating and wondering…

Since I got to know another facet, or rather, more conclusive description of my personality (will post the link soon), I guess I understand myself better now. It’s really interesting because I never really could reconcile myself with the whole melancholic thing. I mean, it’s me, but it always seemed like the most negative of the four personalities and I have to admit I used to resent being that way. I never fully accepted it. It was too much being-put-in-a-box like.

So after I found out i was an INFJ, ( )  I was more at ease and re-understood myself. I thought I knew all there was to know about myself, but we never stop learning do we?

Anyway that is really besides the point. In my ponderings, wonderings, speculations and thoughts, I realised I am thankful but not thankful enough. I have so much, I’m so highly favored and blessed, but half the time I just don’t see it or I just end up taking it for granted. And sadly, sometimes it takes someone else’s tragedy or suffering for me to recognize that I have so much to be thankful for.

So I’m going to try to be thankful, truly thankful, for at least one thing every day. Then when I succeed with that, I’ll try twice every day. Even every hour is possible.

Who knows, maybe it will make me a much pleasanter, happier person.

One can only hope 🙂

Yesterday, you really couldn’t see
By changing your angle a new world would be
Revealed to your once blinded eyes by moving a few degrees

Why can’t you see that freedom is sometimes simply another perspective away
Who could you be if your lens was changed for a moment,
Would you still be the same?



One thought on “Perspectives (Kutless)

  1. You know you are highly favoured coz INFJs make up only 1% of the population….so you are as unique as anyone can get…and I think uniqueness is pretty cool…don’t you?

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