Sea of Faces (Kutless)

Hey my dear audience of none…I’m back. And guess what! I passed my exams!

What a relief! I was in freak-mode yesterday but thank God it all turned out well. Now i can breathe easy đŸ™‚

I’m looking back at my four years at University and thinking…I never thought this day would come. I would be done with it all and looking forward to the next stage of my life.

I remember it all, like the flashback before you die (as they say).

First year:

Totally depressing. My first semester was spent living on-campus and it was miserable. I had no friends, and the few I did make lived off-campus and the University I was in had curfews and a bunch of other senseless rules so I couldn’t really leave as I wanted.

My roommate was totally weird and totally disliked me and couldn’t care less about wasting her breath talking to me…or even acknowledging my presence. It was terribly lonely and weird. I tend to think I would have ended  up in the wrong crowd if not for my best friend God. I took to hanging out with some random fourth year guys who were miles apart with me in my thinking and beliefs (what the hell was i thinking?)

So I guess the environment was ripe for meeting a bad boy who became my first real boyfriend and first love (again, what was I thinking?) At least he made life bearable for a while…but of course it was all going to ruin because I was in deep with the wrong guy and paid for it later…

By the end of second semester I called it quits on living on-campus…I just couldn’t stand the environment, bad food, boredom, rules…so I moved back home (phew)

And that was freshman year…
I guess what is really important from all this is that God was there
Even when I didn’t feel Him.

“I’m not just a man
Vastly lost in this world
Lost in a sea of faces”



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