Four Wall Blackmail (Dead Poetic)

My first post…how exciting!

So lately I had to re-hash some old wrongs and mistakes I have committed…some absolutely mortifying.

And, wouldn’t you know it…there is a rock song for it (don’t you just love rock :))

Four wall blackmail talks about how the four walls of the singer’s room have seen the worst of him and the life he really leads…but they will never tell.

Secrets can be terrible sometimes, carrying a terrible burden and working so hard to cover it up every waking minute of your life.

That’s how I’ve been living…the four walls and God as my only witnesses. So I had to confess something…which was supposed to be liberating…can’t really say it was what i expected it to be…

Because the shame was inevitable…and that doesn’t feel so good 😦

But in the end it’s so much better than the weight of the burden.

And as for the shame…I’ll get over it.

“And if you could open up your heart you’ll see
This wasn’t my intent. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

– Dead Poetic


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